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Hillcrest Home

Each year Hillcrest Home comes to the Community Chest with a very specific purchase in mind and only asks for the amount needed to purchase the item.  This last year it was for Covid-19 testing equipment and needed PPE.  Community Chest is proud to be able to support their needs.

Foster Hope

Foster Hope reaches out to foster parents to help supply them with equipment, clothes, and guidance as they open their homes and hearts to needy children.  Community Chest allocations have helped with needed purchases.

Sol’s Legacy

Thanks to support from the Geneseo Community Chest, Sol’s Legacy Ministries was able to share God’s love with 23 youth from our community, while they enjoyed learning about horses.  Most of the children participated in a horsemanship program where they were able to build a relationship with a horse, learn about horse care, and become aware of what their body language communicated as they worked with the horse to accomplish goals.  A few children participated in a horse-powered reading program where they partnered with a miniature horse to practice reading skills in a fun way.

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